Group News

09/2017: Our group paper, "Glycosidase Inhibition by Multivalent Presentation of Heparan Sulfate Saccharides on Bottlebrush Polymers." has been accepted for publication in Biomacromolecules. Congratulations to Eric, Ravi, and Fei!

09/2017: Our group paper, "Enantioselective Synthesis of 1,2-Diamines Containing Tertiary and Quaternary Centers through Rhodium-Catalyzed DYKAT of Racemic Allylic Trichloroacetimidates." has been accepted for publication in Organic Letters. Congratulations to Edo!

08/2017:  Hien  has been selected to receive 2018 ACS Horace S. Isbell Award in Carbohydrates . This award, given by the ACS Division of Carbohydrate Chemistry, acknowledges "excellence in and promise of continued quality of contribution to research in carbohydrate chemistry" by a scientist under the age of 45.”

08/2017: The lab welcomnes a first year graduate student, Jiayi Li, to the group.

08/2017: Our group paper, "Design, Synthesis, and Evaluation of Heparan Sulfate Mimicking Glycopolymers for Inhibiting Heparanase Activity" has been published online in Chem Commun. Congratulations to Ravi, Fei, and Eric!

12/2016: The lab welcomes first year graduate students Grant Forsythe, Greg Jenson, and Grant Shivers.

05/2016: Congratulations to Michael Vinyard who will head to graduate school in the fall at Harvard University.

05/2016: Dr. Qi Zhang is the recipient of the 2016 Lynn Anderson Research Excellence Award. This award is given annually in the department for "outstanding Ph.D. work".

04/2016: Congratulations to Qi Zhang for successfully defending his Ph.D. thesis. Best of luck with your new adventure, Dr. Zhang!

04/2016: Congratulations to Jason Mixdorf for receiving NSF Honorable Mention.

01/2016: The Nguyen Lab receives an Innovation Grant from the Mizutani Foundation for Glycoscience to support the carbohydrate adjuvant project.

12/2015: Welcome first year graduate students, Jalen Dickson and Alex Sorlin, to our research group!

11/2015: Our group paper, "Studies of Highly-Ordered Heterodiantennary Mannose/Glucose-Functionalized Polymers and Concanavalin A Protein Interactions Using Isothermal Titration Calorimetry" has been accepted for publication in Biomacromolecules. Congratulations to Ravi and Matt!

09/2015: Our group paper, "Iridium-Catalyzed Enantioselective Fluorination of Racemic, Secondary Allylic Trichloroacetimidates" has been published on ASAP in JACS. Congratulations to everyone on this project!

07/2015: Congratulations to Matt McConnell for successfully defending his Ph.D. thesis. Best of luck with your new adventure, Dr. McConnell!

06/2015: Matthew McConnell, a current graduate student, will start his postdoctoral position at Northwestern University after he defends in July, 2015. Congratulations, Matt!

06/2015: Matthew McKay, a former graduate student, started his new position as a Senior Patent Agent at Cabot Microelectronics in Chicago. Congratulations, Matt!

06/2015: Joseph Topczewski, a former visiting student/postdoctoral fellow, will start his independent career as an Assistant Professor at University of Minnesota this summer. Congratulations, Joe!

05/2015: Congratulations Michael Vinyard for receiving the ACS Travel Award to attend the National Organic Symposium in Maryland.

05/2015: Congratulations to Riley Svec who will head to graduate school in the fall at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

05/2015: Our invited paper for Professor Barry Trost's Tetrahedron Award, "Rhodium-Catalyzed Benzylic Fluorination of Trichloroacetimidates" has been published. Congratulations, Qi, Jason, and Gil!

05/2015: Jason Mixdorf officially becomes the first year graduate student in our research group!

04/2015: Fei and Matt's paper, "Scalable Synthesis of Fmoc-Protected GalNAc-Threonine Amino Acid and Tn Antigen via Nickel Catalysis" has been published on ASAP in Organic Letters. Congratulations, Fei and Matt!

02/2015: We are notified that we will receive the Carver Collaborative grant entitled, "Zwitterionic Carbohydrate Adjuvants". This project will be performed in collaboration with Professor Steve Varga in the Department of Microbiology here at Carver College of Medicine.

02/2015: Eric and Riley's paper, "Synthesis of a polymerizable, bivalent glycan mimetic of the HIV envelope spike gp120," has been accepted for publication by Tetrahedron Letters to dedicate in memory of Professor Harry Wasserman at Yale. Congratulations, Eric and Riley!

12/2014: Four first year graduate students, Alisa Fairweather, Anh Lu, Binbin Lin, and Gil Reynders, have joined our research group. Welcome to the lab!

05/16/2014: Congratulations to Jeff Arnold and Matt McKay for receiving their Ph.D. degree. Best of luck with your new adventure, Dr. Arnold and Dr. McKay!

04/2014: Enoch Mensah, a former graduate student, will start his independent career as an Assistant Professor at Indiana University Southeast in July, 2014. Congratulations, Enoch!

04/2014: Jeff Arnold successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis, Congratulations, Dr. Arnold! Jeff finished up with 7 publications and his thesis is longer than 700 pages. Best of luck with your new position at Corden Pharm.

04/2014: Riley Svec, our undergraduate student, has been selected to receive the ACS Division of Organic Chemistry Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship (SURF). Congratulations, Riley!

04/2014: Jeff Arnold and Qi Zhang's Review paper - Transition-Metal-Catalyzed Allylic Substitutions of Trichloroacetimidates - has been accepted to European Journal of Organic Chemistry. Congratulations, Jeff and Qi!

03/2014: Matt McKay and Nathan Park's paper - Investigations of Scope and Mechanism of Nickel-Catalyzed Transformation of Glycosyl Trichloroacetimidates to Glycosyl Trichloroacetamides and Subsequent, Atom-Economical, One-Step Conversion to alpha-Urea-Glycosides - has been accepted to Chemistry - A European Journal. Congratulations, Matt and Nathan!

02/2014: Jeff Arnold and Edo Mwenda's paper - Rhodium-Catalyzed Enantioselective Synthesis of Seven-Membered Nitrogen Heterocycles - has been accepted to Angewadte Chemie and selected as a "HOT PAPER." Congratulations, Jeff and Edo!

01/2014: Hien was invited as a speaker at Advances in Glycochemistry Symposium at IIT, Bombay, India

01/2014: Hien was invited as a speaker at Frontiers in Chemistry and Biology of Oligosaccharide at Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune, India

01/2014: Hien was invited as a speaker at the 27th International Carbohydrate Symposium in Bangalore, India

01/2014: Matt McKay's review article - Recent Development in Glycosyl Urea Synthesis - has been published in Carbohydrate Research, 2014, 385, 18-44. Congratulations, Matt!

12/2013: Eric Sletten, a first year graduate student, joined our research group.